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Purple Rain (1984) LD and VHS analog
Two different versions of PURPLE RAIN. Neither are synced and might need a touch of editing between sides but if you'd like to sync it to the latest BD release, please let me know.

PM me for links.

The VHS might sound just a little better but has a few moments of tape sounds here and there. Nothing some splicing can't handle. Regardless, they are probably closer to the original Dolby Stereo theatrical mix.

Movie: Purple Rain (1984)
Format: LD 11398
Output Soundtrack: 24-bit, 96khz, Stereo
Lineage: Pioneer LD 660 > e-mu 0404 > Audacity
Two recordings of this disc were made. One with CX engaged and one without CX engaged.
2.06 GB FLAC. I know 24/96 is probably overkill but with analog I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Movie: Purple Rain (1984)
Format: VHS (1995 release - 0085391139836)
Quality: VG
Output Soundtrack: 24-bit, 96khz, Stereo
Lineage: JVC SR-S365U > e-mu 0404 > Audacity

2.16 GB FLAC

Please PM me for links
Thanks given by: Stamper , dwalkerdon

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