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Purple Rain (1984) LD and VHS analog
Two different versions of PURPLE RAIN. Neither are synced and might need a touch of editing between sides but if you'd like to sync it to the latest BD release, please let me know.

PM me for links.

The VHS might sound just a little better but has a few moments of tape sounds here and there. Nothing some splicing can't handle. Regardless, they are probably closer to the original Dolby Stereo theatrical mix.

Movie: Purple Rain (1984)
Format: LD 11398
Output Soundtrack: 24-bit, 96khz, Stereo
Lineage: Pioneer LD 660 > e-mu 0404 > Audacity
Two recordings of this disc were made. One with CX engaged and one without CX engaged.
2.06 GB FLAC. I know 24/96 is probably overkill but with analog I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Movie: Purple Rain (1984)
Format: VHS (1995 release - 0085391139836)
Quality: VG
Output Soundtrack: 24-bit, 96khz, Stereo
Lineage: JVC SR-S365U > e-mu 0404 > Audacity

2.16 GB FLAC

Please PM me for links
Thanks given by: Stamper , dwalkerdon , WiLDCAT , alexpeden2000
Hey there Alinskey.

Thanks for doing these LD Dolby Stereo Lt/Rt captures, it's really much appreciated especially since the studio's always seem to omit original 4-channel SVA audio on new Blu-ray/UHD Blu-ray releases on films originally released in the Dolby Stereo and Dolby Stereo SR era which is quite frustrating given the disc capacity available to them. The SR tracks in particularly are usually really quite good. Studios now a days most often seem only to include theatrical audio for originally monaural films since the mono die hards seem are a very vocal about desiring those tracks despite mono being quite poor compared to a Dolby, Ultra Stereo or DTS Stereo SVA track.

I would be very much interesting in acquiring your Purple Rain LD SVA capture as well as a few others mentioned in your listing thread for various projects and for sync'ing to retail Blu-ray discs from my personal collection I've ripped and backed up to my NAS.

Anyhow, I just signed up so it won't let me send a PM. I do sound effects design but am also a major cinema sound enthusiasts particularly for old school theatrical LCRS surround sound.

I own quite a few recent modern and vintage professional Dolby hardware and lots of great authoring, editing and VST tools on my DAW to not only touch up and enhance these tracks if or when required on hobbyist projects, but also giving them a faithful discrete 4.0 LCRS transfer which I have done many times.

Thanks for all you do on archiving and recording these Analog and Digital SVA LaserDisc soundtracks.
Thanks given by: alexpeden2000 , dwalkerdon , spaceboy710
Welcome Wildcat, you need to have more posts under the belt to be able to PM. Keep participating Smile
Thanks given by:

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