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[Help] Cut 2000 - DVD 5.1 audio?
Back in November, Umbrella released this obscure horror comedy on BD in Australia from a 4k scan of the IP. Prior to Umbrellas release it never even got a DVD release in it's native country, not to mention the US release was regulated to a straight to DVD barebones effort by Trimark\Lionsgate, and a EE'd magentia tinged Lionsgate HD Master on US streaming outlets. PQ on the Umbrella blu is quite nice considering it's source, even if its a bit bright and dirty in some spots. 

The biggest issue with the Umbrella release is the audio. Cut was natively recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1, and Umbrella used the optical stereo track which sounds OK, aside from being moderately crackly and brief sections switching to a mono source. This suggests that since they used an IP instead of the OCN, it's assumed Beyond Productions (production company Umbrella liecenced from) dosen't have the OCN or 5.1 elements, or they were in unusable shape and decided utilizing an IP with the optical track was easier in the long run (Australians aren't known for properly preserving film and audio elements well, espically the smaller independent producers, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were the case even for a 20 yr old film).

Heck, even the Trimark DVD and Lionsgate streaming HD master all have DD 2.0, but lacks the crackle Umbrellas audio has. This may suggest Beyond gave Lionsgate all their elements including the 5.1 element and Trimark mastered it as 2.0 with zero shits given, or Beyond gave them an IP or and Interneg with the Dolby Surround LRCS mix that Beyond also probably lost nowadays.

However, according to Rewind there are Scandinavian and German DVDs that claim to have English 5.1 tracks. I'm not sure if they're proper 5.1 mixes or some janky upmix from a 2.0 element, but would be worth looking into if anyone else has more info about them.

Even if I do find the proper 5.1 tracks, they're most likely in PAL 25fps format and require speeding down to 24fps as the Umbrella Blu is, which isn't that big of a job. I imagine both lack the Beyond and Mushroon Pictures logos (which the Umbrella Blu has) if its like the Trimark/Lionsgate master, but that could also be easily fixed by patching in 5.1 sources for those from somewhere. 

But the biggest possible issue is theres a chance at least the German DVD might have content cuts, or both have longer/shorter frames in shots, which will be a problem if it is the case.

This is my first audio syncing project for a main feature. I do have Audacity experience under my belt and i imagine the sync by waveform method would work if theres no mixing disperences or extended/shortened frames between each source. Theres probably gonna be some new things or obsticles I'd have to get the hang of, so bear with me here.
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Aussie here who knows the movie well! Wow I knew that it wasn't on DVD in Australia for years but I wasn't aware that Umbrella's releases were only stereo.

Regarding the German DVD, according to Schnittberichte there's two versions of the DVD from the same company.
Version 1:
Version 2:

On the actual case of the first it lists German 5.1 and 2.0 and English mono. The site lists the second release as having German 5.1 and 2.0 and English 5.1 and 2.0. The cover also says 5.1 and 2.0 in each (jeweils) language. That's different to what's listed on Rewind but that's the one to get. I can't find any listings or even a cover for the Scanbox Danish DVD anywhere.

But there's a copy of the second German release on ebay that ships to Australia:

Are you in Australia and interested in this? Should we buy it and try to get it shipped here to check the audio tracks?
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I'm in the US, and I imagine several international sellers are still limiting overseas shipping due to you-know-what. However, Amazon US sometimes have US marketplace sellers that have PAL and import stuff. I will continue checking unless someone knows of another source out there with the 5.1 mix?
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I managed to get a copy of the German DVD of Cut with the dual English 5.1 and 2.0 tracks. The movie is PAL 25fps and has no logos at the start. It just begins with the "MBP" in white type on the black screen. I'll rip the audio tracks and PM you.
Thanks given by: SpaceBlackKnight

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