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Crash (1996) Criterion Preservation

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[Image: kQlXnPz.png]

Massive thanks to Zoidberg who captured the special features for this project. As a side note this is one of the best Audio Commentary tracks I have heard so far.
  • BD25 with animated menus that look and behave like the official Criterion discs, with a background video, pop up menus and resume function
  • Video taken from the German Blu Ray
  • Original chapter stops used on the Laserdisc
  • English DTS HD 5.1 & 2.0 from the Geman Blu Ray
  • Criterion audio commentary featuring David Cronenberg taken from Laserdisc
  • English, French, German and Spanish Subtitles
  • US and International Trailers
  • Interview Clips And Behind The Scenes
  • Laserdisc Credits
PM me for the links, contributing members only please. The photos below of the menu aren't great as the only way I could get them is from my phone while the disc is playing, as software players disabled the screenshot function.

[Image: xdzuWgH.jpg]
[Image: mjZGZrj.jpg]
[Image: OhHemZO.jpg]
[Image: UlzSd7A.jpg]

[Image: Lioae0u.png]
[Image: B0pazJg.png]
[Image: iFtphWT.png]
[Image: jY15Pob.png]
[Image: g46ybyR.png]
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