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[Released] A Better Tomorrow regrade
(2020-07-23, 06:31 AM)Serums Wrote:
(2020-07-22, 04:05 PM)Grim Wrote: Not sure, I replaced my VCD with DVD, but can't recall if I ever rewatched it, and this were imported dvds, which at the moment are in storage. But if I had to guess probably not the best quality.
Fair points. Sometimes the colours can be close to the theatrical release, and I think also some VCDs were made from different masters than an equivalent DVD release.

I only ever bought two VCDs, but luckily they were films that either never got a DVD release or didn't get one until a decade or so after the VCD release.

When i first started collecting, I did not care or should I said know about quality. If it had alright English subs I bought it and I bought a lot of DVDs. It wasnlt til later I found out about quality of different releases and that began my search for the best release.

I loved Chow Yun Fat that I grabbed anything he was in and I mean anything. But this was also directed by one of my favorite directors too. So double points.
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Sorry for the bump of this thread, but how does this version differ from the Fortune Star/IVL DVD quality in colors? Just curious. Also, amazing work fam.
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Nice work. Loved this movie despite the quality of the copy. Would it be poesible to send the link? thanks
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