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All the Way, Boys - The Hybrid Cut

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Hi everyone,

I will create a hybrid cut of the greatest movie "All the Way, Boys" (1972). The German Blu-ray from 3L and the Italian Blu-ray from Mustang Entertainment will be used for my project. The German long version on the Blu-ray is completely uncut, but it missed some scenes from the Italian version, it contains several scenes that include extended and alternative scenes, as well as beatings or billiard scenes. I insert these scenes for the German long version. The German long version was scanned from a negative, it offers a solid HD feeling, but it also has different colors and the quality is also different. The Italian Blu-ray is also on real HD and has a different color design compared to the German long version, but the quality is quite good for an old film by the two warlords. I tried to adapt the coloring of the Italian version for the German using Color Matching by Dr. Dre, unfortunately it is very difficult to do it because the German quality is different. Then I adjust the color of the German version for the Italian version. The inserted scenes from the Italian version fall off slightly, but you can live with them. The main thing in high definition!
I've already got 2 Blu-rays and I'm standing in the middle of the video editing and it occurred to me whether I could dub the English soundtrack too. Then I found an English soundtrack on the Internet and it's the Australian DVD. So...

In addition to the German audio track, I would also like to have an English audio track for my project. I know that there is no full English track, just the shorter US cut that is on VHS. So, the Australian DVD, which should have a length of 105 in PAL, it should be corresponded to the old German DVD (first edition) by E.M.S.

I'm asking, is the run length of the Australian DVD correct? If so, I could import it, but I need exact facts. If no, where can I find it?

Meanwhile there is also a shorter Italian version on the German DVD/BD from 3L (on the Blu-ray is included as a bonus) and the missing German dubbing is filled with the English soundtrack. This is an advantage to get a full English audio track.

1. Italian Blu-ray 2. German Blu-ray 3. Hybrid Cut


Videosource & Audiosource:

German DTS-HD 2.0 Blu-ray 3L
Italian DTS-HD 2.0 Blu-ray Mustang Entertainment
English ??? (I'm looking a DVD where is included an english audio track for a 105 mins version.)
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