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Panic Room 3 Disc DVD

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This project is on the horizon. Does anyone happen to have an NTSC copy of the 3 disc special edition DVD? I’ve got it as PAL, but NTSC would be preferable as it will give greater comparability for US members.
I've got it! Smile Glad to help if I can.
That would be perfect if you could upload it at some point Smile
(2020-07-05, 10:44 PM)alleycat Wrote: That would be perfect if you could upload it at some point Smile

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I've got some time to work on it today. I'll send you a PM with the link when it's ready.
I have this and all special features ripped as well
Thanks rwood1123 for the offer but Applesandrice has sent it now. It's in the queue to be worked on.
If anyone has a Panic Room DVD with non-English audio I would be happy to include in my next project. I already have French and Spanish already.
I have the superbit edition DVD. Not sure if that would help. Unfortunately it has only 5.1 Dolby Digital English and 2 channel French. French and English Subtitles too.
Okay, I have audio tracks Italian, Tamil, and Hindi if you need them. PM if so. Not sure of the best way to extract from MKV for your needs.
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