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A/V Software Suggestions For A Begginer Fan Editor/Restoration

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I am looking to try and do a fan edit/restoration of a film I fell in love with to inject deleted scenes I have looked around and have not seen anyone do it yet. I have deleted scenes that was were not released via physical media by cowering  the world wide web of social media accounts of this film for every region. My questions is what video editing software and or sound editing software is recommended for the following.

1. Modifying frame by frame video to remove watermarks.
2. Audio mixing 5.1 or 7.1 DTS audio track to extend them so the added scenes seam stream-less sly.
3. Color Grading possibly

Can this all be done with one video editing software or do you have to use multiple usually on these fan edit projects? Any insight/help would be appreciated for a noob. I am thinking of just buying Final Cut Pro at the moment but would appreciate any tips from those who have put the sweat and tears already.

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Before spending any money, give free software a chance!

Start with DaVinci Resolve; perfect for color grading, it could make also other things.
Also try VirtualDub 2 (a.k.a. VirtualDubMod); easy for a beginner.

Avoid avisynth - at least at the beginning - as it is quite hard.

Audio: Audacity.
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That is an excellent point. I will check those out. I have a lot to learn. Thank You!
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(2020-07-07, 12:28 PM)spoRv Wrote: Avoid avisynth - at least at the beginning - as it is quite hard.

You're not kidding.  Confused

Been trying to find beginners help all day and I'm more confused than when I started.

Think I'll give VirtualDubMod a go as I remember using that years ago.

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