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13 Assassins Extended Version

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When released in Japan this samurai epic directed by Takashi Miike was approximately 20 minutes longer. Every DVD and Blu Ray release outside of Japan has been the shorter International Cut. Unfortunately the Japanese blu ray is difficult to find and is not English friendly.

  • BD50 Blu Ray with menus, background video, pop up video and resume
  • 1080P AVC Extended Edition taken from the official out of print Japanese Blu Ray
  • Japanese DTS HD 5.1
  • English and Japanese SDH Subtitles
  • Interview with Takashi Miike with English Subtitles
  • Japanese Trailer, International Trailer and Teasers/TV Spots

Many thanks to pipefan413 who did all the Japanese translations for the menu.

PM me for the links, contributing members only please. The photos below of the menu aren't great as the only way I could get them is from my phone while the disc is playing, as software players disable the screenshot function.

[Image: NNJVyEN.jpg]

[Image: P567OVh.jpg]

[Image: kP1Ru7f.jpg]

[Image: QQnMW2x.png]

[Image: dv0feHI.png]

[Image: oO2GZ6i.png]

[Image: Zo3tWYQ.png]

[Image: ShIjWFB.png]
Nice! You are on a roll.

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