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domyd's TrueHD Demuxer
Some of you might be interested in this:

Quote:A Dolby TrueHD demuxer and utility tool, with a focus on accurate and correct TrueHD demuxing.

Background info:

Just a heads-up!
Thanks given by: PDB , spoRv , alleycat , BDgeek , pipefan413
Great tool!

I wonder how it compares to DGdemux which is also said to correctly demux DTHD from seamless branched discs.

edit: nevermind, just saw they specifically refer to DGDemux on the FAQ.
"DGDemux deletes a minor frame at every segment boundary, which is better still, but not perfect yet "
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A version of this tool has been added to UsEac3to, which some might find useful.
Thanks given by: BDgeek
Excellent news!!!

Thanks a lot Chewtobacca!
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