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[versions] House on Haunted Hill 1999 - UK Blu-Ray
I'm aware of the lovely Shout Blu using a 2k scan of an IP, and the German Blu using a 35mm German release print that looks quite decent all things considered. However, I have read of this Blu being released in the UK

Many people have said this UK release is terrible, but they don't really elaborate much as to why. I've heard one report saying it uses the German 35mm transfer with a worse encode (and DD 5.1 audio). Some say it uses a completely different transfer to the German one, a European HD master or some upconverted source that opens up with a J&M Entertainment logo (the Shout has Warner Bros and the German one opens up with Buena Vista International and Helkon all before the Dark Castle logo). It's also said to have dupe frames or field blending from being encoded without any speed adjustments in 1080p 24, which if it were indeed 1080i25 or 50i originally could explain the problem.

Anyone have this Blu? I'd like to hear and possibly see screen grabs on how the transfer and such is.
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Forgot I had made this post. Anyone have the UK Blu to check?
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