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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Special Longer Version HD Recreation

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This is amazing! Sounds like a massive improvement on whats available Big Grin
This is fantastic work! amazing!
Looks Awesome!
Wow looks great, can i have the download link plz?
Looks like it should be an awesome upgrade over the VHS copy
How does one go about affording themselves the opportunity to view this version?

Joined today after hearing about this! Looking forward to getting to view it!
If you're interested in being able to see this movie, along with any other fan edit produced by the incredibly talents folks here, please PM the individual who created it. Asking for a link to be posted here will do you no good. This site must adhere to strict rules to keep from violating copyright law. Please check out the rules and refrain from publicly asking for links. PMs only. Enjoy!
TheLoon was gracious enough to supply me with a copy of this fine edit and I must say this movie has never looked better! The work he's done to color correct and restore this movie is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine how much time and effort was expended working on this edit. This blows away anything I've ever seen regarding ST-TMP-LV restorations. It's completely worth your time to find this edit and added it to your collection. Well done!!!

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