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[versions] Why SO many versions? (aspect ratios, colors, HDR, sound...)
On my PC, link 1 does not show up, and the other 3 do only appears as link.

So, use - drop images there, then click on the image to zoom in at max resolution (needed for bigger images), and get its adress - should start with - and then insert image here with that link.

Or, better, use - here you can insert up to six images, and compare them directly. HINT: better to use same resolution in this case.
Thanks given by: crumpled666
(2020-08-17, 01:43 AM)crumpled666 Wrote:
(2020-08-14, 07:36 PM)spoRv Wrote:
(2020-08-14, 04:57 AM)crumpled666 Wrote: (I used the "insert an image" button this time. Hopefully it works.)
P.S. which admin was kind enough to insert the images on the  previous post?  thanks.

Sadly it does not work... Sad
And I inserted images, by the way! Wink

Okay, I am about to respond with updated findings Re: whether  or  not  it was actually HDR. However, I would like to  know if there is a better source for sharing these images than Imgur? I'm going to insert 3 versions of the  same picture that didn't show up.
1. Using this forum's "insert image" of image's link,
2. Imgur image link
3. Imgur Direct Link
4. Forum's "insert image" of the direct link.
     5. I tired to Attach the image but it's over 500 KB, so I'm just not going try for this test.
Please let me know which works and on what device you are using.
     The difference between Image and Direct Image is just that the HTML ends in ".jpg"
I wish the frame I'd compared was not one at night. Don't worry though, I'll make an updated post shortly.

Here we go.
1. [Image: Wg7CgQM]
3. [Imgur](
4. [img][Imgur]([/img]

On my computer all 4 of them show up, on mobile they only appear as links.

All you needed to do was #1 but include .jpg:

[Image: Wg7CgQM.jpg]


And if you want it to link to the imgur image page, just stick an url tag on either side with the same link but exclude the .jpg:

[Image: Wg7CgQM.jpg]


And the reason I know that without having to post this first or edit my post is that there is a "preview post" button...
Thanks given by: crumpled666
I must add that images work only if hosted on a secure host (https) - if not, it will appear only on preview.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , crumpled666
Thanks @spoRv and @pipefan413,

Here are my findings: my life is a lie??? So, yeah, the look of the movie changes based on the actual Display watched on. Figure 1 shows my findings in the simplest form. My MacBook Pro display and my iPhone display are rather different.

Figure 1:
[using insert image here, too] :[Image: Shining-i-Phone-comparison.jpg]

Figure 2 is a more complicated version, compared mostly on the same Samsung TV but through a variety of displays. Please note that these images were captured on a DSLR camera and are not  100% accurate. The HDR images may look "worse" than the SDR images, but that is primarily because I exposed for the SDR image which appeared on my Blu Ray. The HDR images were brighter and my camera was  not exposed for the images, but rather to compare the displays.

Figure 2:
[insert image version] : [Image: Shining-Comp-V2-10k-F.jpg]

Conclusion: I have found that, as @TomArrow stated, it really is the display you are watching the movie on that affects the look. 
So my next question is, appropriately, which is THE correct display?

For instance, is it best to leave my Apple TV on SDR and just put the TV settings on HDR+ mode? What about Blu-Ray instead?
Look at Figure 3 here. The SDR version of the  Apple TV is "normal" while the HDR version has all of these lines to differentiate the dynamic range I guess?

Figure 3:
[and again, insert image] : [Image: ATV-Comp.jpg]

Steven Spielberg was in charge of this HDR remaster. If I were to ask him, "Hey, how should I go about watching this movie?" what  might he say? Just keep my TV in HDR+ mode?

EDIT:  aaaand insert image didn't work except in "Preview Post." sweet. Will just add them to Imgur below here, using @pipefan413 's recommendation of just adding ".jpg", in case Computer viewers want to see the images without having to go to the site. 

Figure 1 Imgur : [Image: ox80O2E.jpg]
Figure 2 Imgur : [Image: aeWi713.jpg]
Figure 3 Imgur : [Image: HuwvqkR.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Hey guys so just a quick update: it turns out my Samsung TV uses this thing called HDR+, which it turns out is just an emulator if HDR, not actual HDR... gosh, why do these things have to be so confusing.
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