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[versions] Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973) - which cut?
I’ve never seen this before and recently picked up the R1 2 disc DVD set given its not available on Blu Ray.

Which cut is should I watch first? Which is considered the best of the two?
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Watch the Turner Cut first. Although it is missing some interesting scenes it is generally considered the better cut and closer to Peckinpah's original vision.
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Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
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The 2 DVD set is Turner Cut (or Turner Preview version) and 2005 attempt of reconstruction by Paul Seydor (not the original Theatrical cut, which is, by some accounts, even worse that 2005 reconstruction). Turner Preview is the one I've first seen some three decades ago on TCM and it remains my favorite. Few years ago I did a "Redux" cut (more or less the same as Leonenut fanedit but upscaled to 720p), inserting the Garrett/wife and Ruthie Lee scenes and couple other short shots from Seydor Reconstruction into Turner Preview. It's on that favorite organ tracker, FYI.
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That's the one with the target practice on live chickens isn't it?

I seem to remember the BBC screening in it full many years ago.
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Too bad the TC is now missing in action. I believe only released on VHS.
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i have a fanedit by a guy call leonenut,Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid: Extended
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The stories vary a bit on what is what and why it all happened.
Essentially the film was cut in full knowing that MGM and James Aubrey were waiting to pounce and destroy it. The rough cut was spirited away and hid in Sam's garage for many years while the studio just plain butchered it and restructured much to make the bewildering and critically panned theatrical cut which is now unavailable.

The preview cut or turner cut was first shown on an LA station the Z channel and it is here some say the scene with Pat's wife was removed by accident and then the print was transferred for the LD release and has remained that way ever since. The DVD of this is a port of the LD master.
The 2005 recut is essentially a fan edit as Seydor did what he felt was best plus the film is recolor timed, remixed and uses different music cues. Peckinpah did not use the vocal of Heaven's door in the preview cut and it is not know if he had ever changed his mind.
Since the 2005 cut is manipulated on disc the 1988 turner preview version is still the away to go despite being from the LD.
A proper multi cut release special edition is necessary on BD from WAC or someone as the film is staggering and unlike anything else in the preview version.
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Turner Preview it is then! Thanks for the info. Need to explore more Peckinpah as I'm only really familiar with Straw Dogs. I've definitely seen The Wild Bunch but back when I was a kid and have vague memories of it.

(2020-08-03, 09:20 PM)Stamper Wrote: Too bad the TC is now missing in action. I believe only released on VHS.

If only to preserve it, but would it be worth watching?
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I would say any edit released theatrically of any film is worth watching, if only just to see how they destroyed the movie cutting it.
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Yes true. It does have a fascinating history.

On another note, is the R1 DVD supposed to come with a booklet or any kind of insert? Mine only contains discs. I bought a used copy.
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