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Batman Forever Original Version teased by WB
Spread this news everywhere to show WB there is indeed support to release the original cut of Batman Forever.

Now there's finally talk about officially releasing the longer version:
This has made it to a number of sites and there's a twitter movement starting but of course without any of the Snyder cut fanfare. According to the sources the cut actually exists in the vaults at 170 min and WB doesn't know if there's demand to release it.
There has been since they teased it back in 2005 darn it.

My petition is now a year old and has almost 400 signatures.

Personally I would think that it would have been released as intended at 2 hr 15 up to 2 hr 30 depending on the shooting script and final cut before Warner had their way with it cutting down to 122 min and restructuring the opening. But at least there's something to work with and it could easily be a Warner Archive release if they don't do a Donner Cut style standalone. All it needs is a new scan, color timing, sound polish and you could even integrate the footage into the 4K theatrical master since that's already done.

Me babbling tech talk about the audio mix of the theatrical cut and how weirdly the 2.0 mix is better than the 5.1:
When I first started digging into the tech aspects of the film and realized that the old 2.0 matrix mix was better done than the 5.1 this is one of the many things that suddenly jumped out at me. (Widescreen Review said the same in their old LD and DVD reviews) I think if some old reports I've read are to be believed that many of the actors had to re-record dialogue elsewhere during post due to busy schedules which might account to the slightly canned sound to the dialogue-but yes it's ADR everywhere so much so that the discrete 5.1 mix accentuates the hiss and artifice of the rerecorded audio so one you notice it you can't quite unnotice it.

The 2.0 mix like a lot of mid 90's WB tracks weirdly has better mixed presence in the surround despite it being mono and a better low end. While the clarity takes a hit this does negate a lot of the audible noise in the ADR and makes it much less obvious.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
I've always had a soft spot for Batman Forever and would love to see an extended cut.
Thanks given by: captainsolo
You're right, something like 90% of the dialogue in that movie is ADR; Nicole Kidman even did her lines over the phone.
Thanks given by: captainsolo

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