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Alligator & Alligator 2 The Mutation

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Hi All,

So I've seen that these have had blu ray releases in Germany and Spain, but I was under the impression they were DVD upscales. I've recently seen someone in a facebook group selling bootleg blu rays and they claim to have both of these and they are sourced from HD scans not SD upscales. 

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Is there a blu ray somewhere in the world featuring a HD scan or is this guy telling lies? The same guy is also claiming to have a HD scan sourced blu ray of Fade to Black 1980, which again as far as I am aware does not have a blu ray release anywhere in the world that uses a HD scan. 

far as i'm aware, no HD versions exist for both Alligator films
At least the German BluRay for sure is no HD master:

The UK Anchor BAy DVD looks better.

Same goes for Alligator 2:

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