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Just wondered if anyone had any experience in using one of these with video audio? I've recently come across a blu ray (Corrupt aka Copkiller - Code Red) and the audio is awful, every time there is an S or C sound it distorts massively. I've done some reading up and watched a few youtube videos, plenty of programs that can fix it and I'm planning on giving it a go with Premiere.

However, almost every guide I've read talks about doing it pretty much each S at a time. For a 3 minute audio recording I guess that isn't too bad but for a 100 minute movie it will take forever. Has anyone had any success in using a blanket approach for an entire movie? 

I'm going to try it in Premiere when I get home and see how it goes.
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Ok so I tried a few different options. Spitfish I couldn't get to work at all, even on max settings it was only picking up a tiny bit of Sibilance. Premiere correctly isolated it but after processing it didn't seem to make much difference. Paul-L's plugin for Audacity seemed to make the most difference in my case, it didn't completely fix it as the source was really bad but made it a lot better.
Try iZotope RX. It lets you preview the output so you can make quick changes to the algorithm without having to wait for it to process all over again.
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