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Jaws (1975) - German Mono from LD

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Anyone here has the german LD of Jaws (Der Weisse Hai)?

The new 4K now includes the mono mix in english and german, but neither are the actual original mixes. Universal couldn't leave their fingers and had to meddle on the mixes.

So to get the actual original mono mix in the best possible quality - the 1st DVD of the movie in Germany had the original german mix, but only in 192kbps AC3 - I'm looking for the LD.

If anyone can help out with the LD, let me know.
I can check out in september, if I have the LD in my collection. I am not sure. But I have no ability to rip it. My recording devices gone faulty.

I THINK I MIGHT have it, because I MIGHT have been hoping for localized intro. But this are many IFs. Smile

(Seriously, how shall I always know and remember whats in my movie collection? Big Grin )
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks Mr Brown Smile

If you have it and you can't capture, I can do it myself. If you're willing to lend me the LD that is Wink
If I do so, I might ask you to capture some other, maybe, too. Not that I am doing anything, just maybe some things to make avaible for other peoples projects. Big Grin
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Sure Smile

I just compared the 4K DTS Mono (German) with 1st german DVD release Mono. Geez, the 4K Mono is shit. Sure, the DVD Mono has a higher noise floor and a lower bitrate. But clarity and bass in the music are night and day. So the LD might only improve on that.
Also the 4K mono is much quieter. Around 8-10db.

Well, at least on my crappy knowledge on how to compare audio and I might be totally wrong Wink

Sure, someone like moshroom can say more on this Smile
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Is it good news, when I tell you that I dug a "DER WEISSE HAI" LaserDisc out of my collection of ... well.. the pile of damn too much Movies? Smile
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom

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