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Solaris (2002) 4K/HDR release?

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So Solaris.2002.BETA.4K.HDR.DTS-HD-5.1-MUBELDAB.mkv got released a few days ago but I can't find anything about it getting a UHD transfer anywhere. I've had a quick look at it and I don't know whether it's just me but it something seems off with it.
Anyone here had a chance to check it out as I'm sure your eyes will be better than mine at discerning its origins?
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Intriguing. Soderbergh certainly has been vocal about getting his stuff out on 4k - The Limey has been on Amazon for a while, and here's a feature from a couple of years ago indicating that Solaris was also a strong contender:  https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2018/07/23/...-treatment

Only thing is, I can't see an official release anywhere either. Could this be a leaked copy?
Possibly. I do wonder why they've included the word 'BETA' in the release.
Anyone ever investigate this one?
Here I am!

Hitcher has kindly provided some screenshots; the comparison was made with the 1080p HDTV - I know that BD is better, but that's all I have for now - and I stopped after the first one.

Conclusion: it's a neural/deep learning upscale - not the worse, apart extreme noise/grain reduction, but I'd prefer the real deal...

top HDTV 1080p untouched, normal upscale to 2160p, bottom WEB "4K" HDR converted to SDR:
[Image: solaris-9481-1080p-HDTV.png]
[Image: solaris-9481-4k.png]

screenshot comparison: https://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/17882
(hint: look at the sweater, in the middle; this is a clear artifact due to AI upscaling)
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Thank you- I saw a version released a bit ago with DNR in the title- that looks exactly like it-

This is the name of that DNR release-
Solaris.2002.DNR.1080p.BluRay.TrueHD.5.1.x264-WiLDCAT – 10.8 GB

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