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Paris, Texas (1984) LD PCM

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I synced the laserdisc audio to 4k Studio Canal Blu-ray.
I synced the old DVD R2 too. (better audio IMO)
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(2020-08-30, 11:32 PM)ac3 Wrote: Howd u manage it was a frame off in almost every shot for me

It was quite difficult to synchronize. DVD video length is very different from bluray.
@sertoli do you have the mono tracks for other Wim Wenders movies The Kings of the Road (1976) and Wrong Move/Movement 1975).

I think both original tracks may have appeared on R2 DVDs. It’s very annoying Criterion did not include them. But I’m guessing it was at the director’s request.
I don’t have this DVDs.
I Will try ver them.

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