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Is this thing on?

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Hey, so uh, CatBus here. For people not familiar with me from OT.com and Project Threepio, I do mostly Star Wars subtitle related stuff, and try to keep it pretty limited to that, because my projects tend to sprawl way out of control. But I'm certainly happy to help with other projects, with info I've learned along the way. Subtitles are an often-overlooked topic, and technical expertise in the area is hard to come by.
Welcome, CatBus. Glad to have you here
CatBus, this thing is going on very well... now, with you, even better!

Don't forget to add your OT avatar here, too; I like it! Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Welcome to fanres! Big Grin

I completely agree with you that subtitles are often overlooked and it's nice to see someone that is devoted to changing thatWink
Hey man, I'm STILL jealous of your language options for the Matrix.
...you know, Jerry learned that good habit from someone... from whom, I don't know... Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
thanx for reminding me... I never ported those links over from the old AMPS board. That one is by far, my most extensive list of options for any film. In fact, I have so many language options (audio and subtitle) that they would not all it on one release. When trying to mux an m2ts file, tsMuxer only allows me to mux a maximum of 32 audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks. Not sure if this is a tsMuxer limitation or bd-spec and finding info using google always gives me results about how many CHANNELS can be contained (according to bd-spec) and never how many TRACKS can be contained. does anybody know (preferably with a reference link) the answer to this?
Actually, I've never tried to add more than 32 audio tracks, but I HAVE added well over 32 subtitle tracks, using tsMuxerGUI, and they all worked (in software & in a hardware Blu-ray player), so I'm not sure what's going on there.

I believe there is no defined limit (although there may be some effective unsigned short int-type limits you could never really reach, like 65,536).  I think the real limiting factor becomes the 8Mbps maximum non-video bitrate for Blu-rays.  Five or six lossless tracks, a shedload of subtitles, and you could easily end up over the limit--not that tsMuxer will stop you, the disc just won't play past the point where the bitrate spikes over the limit.  Of course this doesn't matter if you're not making Blu-rays, so it's effectively no limit there.

I'm really not sure why tsmuxer would prevent over 32 while tsMuxerGUI allows it.  Maybe there's some command-line character limit in Windows or something that it's trying to avoid.

The DVD format is hard-limited to 8 audio and 32 subtitle tracks, so lots of commercial software takes its cue from that--it may have started as a DVD authoring tool and been updated to a Blu-ray authoring tool, but the limits were left the same.  And people likely complained about the audio limit but not the subtitle limit.
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Welcome CatBus!!

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