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Dracula (1979) original Dolby Stereo track preservation

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(2020-09-22, 12:01 AM)Onti Wrote: So, it’s useless ripping audio from Laserdisc.

Respectfully, this is pretty much the opposite of what I have said... I don't see what's "useless" about it at all.

I posted this in the other thread already but it's relevant to some of what's been discussed / asked / misunderstood in this thread, so maybe it's worth including here for posterity: https://forum.fanres.com/thread-3467.html
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With “useless” I mean if the blu-ray has the original mix there would be no advantage in ripping the audio from the Laserdisc.
(2020-09-22, 02:16 PM)Onti Wrote: With “useless” I mean if the blu-ray has the original mix there would be no advantage in ripping the audio from the Laserdisc.

Gotcha. Yeah, theoretically, though we don't necessarily know if the Blu-ray track is decent or not. They could have screwed it up with a bunch of noise reduction or something (arguably more common with pre-Dolby mono but still happens on stereo stuff sometimes), or made a mess of sync, or what have you.

I'm trying to focus primarily on stuff that has no original mix at all on Blu-ray first, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's zero value in comparing LD tracks to BD versions of what should ostensibly be the same mix!

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