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Aliens NTSC Laserdisc
Guys, You are experts in Laserdisc so:

Two things:

1. Am I right that raw video on Laserdisc is somethimes better than DVD, example Aliens SE on my DVD PAL looks like someone use a little dnr to smooth video in comparsion to Laserdisc raw mpeg2:

here is a little sample in mp4 h264 from Aliens UK PAL LDRip

I add polish voice acting Smile for my friends.

Also I made quick comparsion LD vs DVD:

I love these colors and contrast Smile

2. Where I can find in net Aliens Special Edition NTSC LDRip in Mpeg2, or Theatrical? I think colors are these same in both version. Widescreen will be nice.

I live in Poland problem is availability of Laserdisc, not to mention ripping Sad So I ask You for help.
Thanks given by:

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