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Daria: Is it College Yet? (Restoration) V4
A full cut of the film, splicing the original 2002 MTV broadcast and the DVD together to restore the original runtime of 74min.

- All original music from the MTV airing left in tact.

- MTV scenes have been regraded to match the DVD, as well as aspect ratio corrections.

- Superimposed parts of frames from the MTV airing over the DVD to restore small details.


- All MTV scenes have been de-noised and upscaled.

- Some MTV scenes have been recreated using DVD footage, or superimposing MTV footage when necessary.

- Many animation mistakes have been fixed, ones that were present in the original MTV airing and ones which were introduced in the DVD.


- All MTV scenes have been sharpened and further regrading has been applied to match the DVD.

- A few mistakes I made have been fixed.

UPDATE (V4...Hopefully Final Tongue)

- Sharpening toned down a bit, as I thought it was a bit much.

- More scenes recreated using DVD footage.

- Artifact removal.

- More animation mistakes fixed.

- Minor regrade tweaks.

I have also created an alternate version, where I have framed every scene to match the original MTV broadcast to make the transitions more seamless.

Examples of the new updates are shown in the Screenshots.


Copy paste the following link and remove spaces. I couldn't post it correctly otherwise: imgur . com / a / 5KHXQRz

Available on MySpleen and Blutopia, or alternatively, PM me.
Wow, just wow. The picture quality is amazing! Great work!
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