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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Open Matte) - Fixed & Regraded

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Amazon open matte WEB-DL 1080p rip used as the main source.


- Transfer was regraded, dropping reds and blues a little to get a more natural tone; something in between the open matte transfer and the blu-ray

- There are a couple of scenes later in the movie with English subtitles for spoken Wachootoo that are missing in the WEB-DL, as well as being cropped when compared to the blu-ray (just those shots). So, the blu-ray has been used as the video source for those particular shots, with regrading to colour match the regraded open matte transfer

- Blu-ray opening credits were used instead of WEB-DL, as the film was more stable and cleaner

- Slight cleanup of artefacts of transfer was applied


- DTS-HD Master Audio 5.0 (Blu-ray)

- Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD)



PM if interested Smile
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You need to add .jpg in order for the pictures to work.

Personally I hate mixed aspect ratios. Stick with one. But that's just me Wink
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(2020-09-20, 06:23 PM)bendermac Wrote: You need to add .jpg in order for the pictures to work.

Personally I hate mixed aspect ratios. Stick with one. But that's just me Wink

Haha, thanks. The mixed aspect ratio is pretty much only for those couple of shots with the subtitles, so it's very minor. Plus, with getting more frame from them, win.
It looks really really good!

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