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Blue Velvet (1986) MGM R1 DVD 2.0 Surround synced to Criterion Blu-ray
Criterion's lovely Blue Velvet release presents the original surround audio for the first time in years, sadly with the wind knocked out of it. I recently acquired MGM's first R1 DVD which is the last NA release to have the original surround. It supposedly sounded a lot better despite being lossy. After ripping both I can confirm it's quite the case!

Criterion's isn't completely horrible by a stretch but where it's not as good it's pretty bad. Throughout actors sound like they have bowls covering their heads with the resulting muffled voices clipping. Ambience in points is almost buried. MGM's lossy track is huge and dynamic. Pay particular attention to the scene at roughly 1 hour 27 minutes with a sprinkler and forest ambience. Criterion's track is a whisper, while MGM's lossy is big and full yet still subtle as the scene should be.

Syncing was a breeze. It simply needed to be lined-up and exported, as Criterion's had their logo at the beginning. Absolutely no drift to speak of.

DM if you wanna check it out!
Thanks given by: SpookyDollhouse

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