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Tales of the Predator

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Hello everyone, first post here

I recently started working on a fandit project, I am taking all predator franchise movies and editing them into 45 min max episodes.

My idea is to make a series in the style of masters of horror, each episode should follow a predator in a hunt. There will be humans obviously, but the predator should be the main character

I named this topic Predator Antology Series, but i have not decided in a name yet, i might also create a new generic intro to be used in all episodes, if anyone has ideas or wants to help reply here or send a PM. Right now i am focused in creating the episodes itself and this is low priority

First Episode - Jungle Hunter

I am nearly done with the first episode, Jungle Hunter, based on the first predator

i included some deleted footage and it runs at about 41 mins with credits included

Major change list:
- removed the guerrila/dillon subplot
- remove elpidia carrilo and shane black completely
- poncho dies off camera
- added butterfly deleted scene
- added a color corrected (for night time) cloaking scene from unused footage of cloaking tests
- added the predator teasing with dutch deleted scene
- added deleted footage of the dutch preparation for the final battle

this is early work, i haven't really touched audio yet but i have a rough cut of the first episode uploaded on mega

Second Episode - AVP Ritual  (name subject to change)

I am also working in the AVP movie at same time i work in the first episode, right now I am learning rotoscoping in order to remove Lex teaming up with the predator completely. I have a few shots done and a couple of scenes for this one already, will update when i have more stuff done

Please note this is my first ever experiment with video/audio editing, as a programmer and FOSS advocate i refuse to use non free software (including operating systems, i have been windows free for about 10 years), all work is being done in Kdenlive for now, if anyone has a better suggestion let me know. Any reading material also very welcome
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The idea seems nice, but the "Predator Anthology Series" reminds only "normal" movies - to me, at least... of course the word Predator must be there, but there should be a suggestion that there are not the movies... dunno, "Predator Short Stories" or something!

Regarding free and/or open source philosophy, I follow it (mainly) - sorry, even if I do not like Windows, most of the software I need/like do not work on Linux, and I'm not ready to use WINE! Big Grin

About editing: I'm an old dinosaur, using Avisynth for anything video related, but if you are starting from scratch I'd avoid it, unless you are ready to spend A LOT of time and energy mastering it - and I mean it!
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i was going for Predator Chronicles, but the name is taken already and i don't want to cause confusion


with Lutris wine is not painful at all Smile i run a few games with it, but as i said i mostly refuse to use proprietary software so i don't really have a need for it
Most of the video-related software that I run under Wine is in fact FOSS. Often these are simple tools that do one job well and so fit perfectly into the Unix philosophy, so it's a shame that more haven't been ported over.

(2020-09-29, 09:28 PM)spoRv Wrote: I'm not ready to use WINE! Big Grin

It's really easy, even for dinosaurs like you and me. Once Wine is set up, most of the time all you have to do is type "wine" in front of the name of the program that you want to run.

In respect of names, maybe Tales of the Predator is on the right lines. In respect of editing software, Blender is worth a shot: its built-in editor is powerful, although initially a bit tricky to get to grips with.
I like Tales of the Predator !

Here is some work in progress previews, the AVP movie is pretty much at the idea stage, i do hate Lex teaming up with the predator, this is something i have decided to remove

What are the main issues you have with the AVP movie and changes you would like to see?

Trophy - Here you have a initial cut of the scene where lex teams up with scar, lex has been removed and scar takes a trophy instead


Here are a few scenes with lex removed, i did the best i could with rotoscoping but artifacts are noticeable most of the time if you pay attention, hopefully since its only a few frames it wont be noticeable in the final cut, i will probably improve these shots, they are not final !

Some scenes for the first episode, Jungle Hunter

Stalker - First appearance of the predator, after the skinned bodies scenes i skip the whole guerrilla subplot, poncho is killed off camera, includes a deleted scene


Billy - Billy's death is a single scene now, my first experiment with rotoscoping to remove dutch and company from the log scene


Hunter - Very raw early draft, includes a lot of deleted footage, dutch's encounter with the predator right until after the Mud scene

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I like "Tales of the Predator" too, but what's about a shorter "Predator Tales"? First word is most important and prominent... Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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