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Hey, jercaly's here. Never knew how to properly introduce myself, never done this before, so... anyway. I'm kind of a movie freak, lucky to have a job in film distribution business (So what do you do for living? - Um, watching movies mostly Smile ). Never done any restoration/preservation myself - I'm not that technically advanced, so I'm more of a lurker and an admirer of all the guys doing such a tremendous job of preserving films the way we remember them from our childhood. Smile So the passion was born in 2005, when I first came across OT forum and was there to enjoy all the good preservation stuff for a while. Then life happened - wife, kid, ya know how it goes Smile And then HD happened and all those great opportunities to enjoy all the goodies like Team Negative ESB Grindhouse and Harmy's Despecialized again in HD, and it kinda pulled me back in. So, basically, that's why I'm here - to enjoy and admire. Okay, too much text, over and out.  :cool:
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Well, we need admirers, too... Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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