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Hey everybody!

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Recently found this website after spending the last year or so surfing Original Trilogy. I find the work you guys do here fascinating, and is definitely up my street. I do want to get involved and not just be someone that takes from here, but I don't know how much help I could be currently (what with a poor computer and probably even poorer software skills). But over time I do want to change that and be a real team player. 

You've all been lovely so far, and I am glad I've found this forum. Hope you're all doing okay with all that is going on!  Smile
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As someone who never did a project themselves, I can assure you: There are possibilities to help without having the skills for software, and if you want to learn how to do reconstructions, Audio prevservation and such, this is a place to do so.
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Yep. As MrBrown said, there are ways to help and contribute without having done a project yourself. You could look at this place as one big team effort: everything helps.

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