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[Released] Jaws 3D - Aligned and Corrected
Universal's BD release of Jaws 3D has a fine transfer that accurately represents seeing it in over-under 35mm. However, it maintains all the errors of the original photography, most noticeably, vertical parallax, which causes most of this movie's eyestrain.

I have adjusted every shot so that both eyes are vertically aligned. Additionally, I re-synced the few shots that were out of sync. The source is Universal's BD.

Available as a frame-packed 3D BD. Must provide blanks, postage, and proof of purchase.

Anaglyph samples:
[Image: dwwKS9Hl.jpg]
[Image: TuSNiZXl.jpg]
[Image: 7hpSGA3l.jpg]
[Image: QlCFZNBl.jpg]
Thanks given by:

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