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Cheap HDR to SDR hardware conversion?
I need an unique solution. I have a video chain in my “home theater” that is either uhd hdr or up-converted uhd sdr video. One part of the chain goes to a uhd panel capable of handling hdr and sdr.

The second chain goes to my legacy devices which are 1080p or 1080i. Converting 2160p to 1080p or 1080i is simple and effective enough with those cheap converters found on amazon. Problem is I can’t find a cheap solution for hdr to sdr conversion.

(Yes I know I can change the output in my hdr devices to sdr but I want to try to keep the chain in its native format if possible)

The radiance devices can tonemap well but those are expensive. I think some of the hdfuries might work but am unsure. I remember a set top box or two that you could load a lut into that you could, in theory, do a hdr to sdr lut for but can’t find them online anymore.

So shot in the dark does anyone know a cheap hardware solution for hdr to sdr conversion?
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