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Enable default subtitles on a Blu-ray

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I want to enable the English subtitle stream by default on a foreign language movie.

I didn't see this option in tsmuxer so I tried to use BDEdit (wow this app is cryptic). Followed this guide:


...but it doesn't work.

I even found this tool called "Edit Default BD Tracks". That doesn't work either.

Are there any other tools which can do this reliably?
I tried to, without success... Sad
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I found that marking them as Forced in the actual PGS stream using BDSup2Sub and using that on the disc does work (see SNOWPIERCER).
Have you tried making an SRT in which every subtitle is forced?

some caption

some caption

some caption

The SRT needs a CR+LF at the end (carriage-return plus line-feed AKA blank line).
multiAVCHD has a "Force display of first subtitle track" option under the "Subtitles & Audio" tab.
( Original post being quoted with screencaps here: https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3651...ost2328339 )

Quote:Force Audio or Subtitle Track (thanks to fritzi93 at VideoHelp.com)
1) Make a copy of your entire Blu-Ray folder somewhere on your computer. This copy is for editing, keep the original just in case you make a mistake. You may eventually get confident enough to skip this step. Also in "Options" you can enable backups and specify a folder to put the backups in. I think there's less chance for confusion/mistakes if you just work on a copy to start with.

2) Open the (copied) folder in BDEdit. Click the BDMV tab. Click "Read".

3) On the right side there are two fields. Click the "+" next to the lower field; this creates a new line for the command you're going to add. If the new line is not already highlighted, do so by clicking on it now. On the three drop-down boxes at the bottom left of the field, do the following, starting from left to right: "Set" for the first box, "Set System" for the second one, and "Set Stream" for the third. In that order.

4) There are to the right of the three set boxes two more drop-down boxes, stacked one on top of the other. Set both to "Imm".

5) Okay, there are two boxes to the right of the last two which specify the exact command. The bottom one should be a zero. The top one is where you set the stream for "ON". Which leads us to:

6) For turning on a subtitle, the values are from 49153 for the first subtitle stream, 49154 for the second subtitle stream, and so on. If you only have one it's easy, enter "49153". (Make sure the two stacked check boxes all the way to the right are ticked.) Save and exit.

7) For turning on a specific audio stream (making it the default) the procedure is the same, the values starting at 80010000 for the first stream, 80020000 for the second, and so on. Each command requires its own new line, BTW.

Note: Each time you set a new command, save it before doing anything else! Otherwise, those boxes where you set "Imm" have a way of reverting to "GPR".

That's it. Test the edited folder to make sure your subtitles are now "turned on", in whatever software player you're using, like TMT or (ughh) PowerDVD. Or burn to a rewritable to test on your set-top player or whatever. I just finished a test and it worked fine. The selected sub stream is defaulted "ON", but it *can* be turned off or another stream selected.

I confess I've been wrestling with BDEdit off and on for some time now, but I'm slowly working it out. Not the most user-friendly program.

Good luck.

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