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17:9 displays?
Lately I was thinking about the fact that 17:9 is (almost) the "perfect" ratio for UAR that uses 1.78:1 and 2.39:1; sure, it will have both sides black (pillarbox) when the open matte is full, still in many instances the UAR "cross" would be touch all the sides - wherever within 16:9 frame it touches only the sides, leaving black borders on top and bottom...

Anyway, I started to look around for 17:9 displays, and so far what I discovered is:
  • 2K projectors (2048x1080) were released only as cinema projector (read: $$$$)
  • 4K projectors (4096x2160) consumers are only available as LCOS (AFAIK) - D-ILA by JVC, SXRD by Sony, starting around 5000$; they are available also as cinema projector ($$$$+$)
  • 2K flat panels I didn't find any
  • 4K flat panels I found only relatively small monitors (up to 31"), not counting the wet dream of many, the Panasonic 103" plasma sold brand new a bit south of 700,000$ - but found used at bargain price of 40,000€
Is anyone aware of any LED/OLED/plasma display (old models too) starting from at least 50" size?
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