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Back to the Future (1985) - Full trailer

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The 4K set is now here and I had hopes Universal would finally include the full trailer for BTTF. But once again we got nothing in that regard.
On Youtube there is one version of it available, but the quality, especially audio, is pretty bad. So maybe someone here has a better version. Maybe on VHS that can captured, which could be used to restore the trailer to it's full glory*

Please let me know

Trailer on YouTube

And yes, I know of the re-edits of the trailer on YT. The source is from a re-edit, but with even worse audio quality and trailer credits aren't recreated at all. The above video shows the real deal.

*Overall the trailer is kinda meh. But considering the importance of the movie it's defiantly something we shouldn't ignore.
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Are we certain that's the theatrical trailer, other than its YT description? The editing rhythm and relentless narration are far more indicative of a home video trailer - it has a breathless, 'please don't skip me' quality that you didn't really see in cinema trailers at the time.

If I'm right about that, though, it means that a proper cinema trailer has *never* been released on home media, which is really weird.
I don't know if it's really the original trailer. But the trailers for part 2 & 3 have also not great narration. But there might be a true theatrical trailer, probably only on 35mm and it must super rare too.

I think it was never released on home video, besides VHS, is for license reasons due the use of the song "Back In Time".
I have this one on 35mm in French.
I've recreated it in HD: https://youtu.be/saCXL-Xfbwk
There was no theatrical trailer for the US launch of BTTF (as there was no time to cut one), so the teaser trailer (as seen on BluRay) IS the theatrical trailer.
There might have been theatrical trailers for release in Europe though.
I can confirm 100% that this was a theatrical trailer in Germany. The German one at least also has a bit extra at the end advertising the soundtrack LP I think.

Since it also existed in French according to ilovewaterslides, it's probably fair to assume it was at least a common theatrical trailer in Europe?
Back then, movies opened later in Europe than in the USA. I guess they did have time to make a full trailer for European markets by then.

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