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[Released] Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) - Corrected and with Original Convergence
3D Film Archive goes into detail the shortcomings of the BD of Creature From the Black Lagoon (link). The most serious error is that Universal newly altered the original convergence, which means that the 3D no longer displays the correct depth.

Universal BD:
[Image: 3ZHcGYFl.jpg]

3D Film Archive Correction:
[Image: RoP3dwKl.jpg]

Which got me thinking: an old anaglyph transfer has been circulating among collectors for decades. Creature had an anaglyph reissue in the '70s. Fixing the original errors back then would take a ton of work, to say nothing of altering the convergence to the extent as on the BD. In other words, the old anaglyph transfer would be correct, maintaining the original errors and convergence.

Anaglyph reissue:
[Image: kh2VRDll.jpg]

It's close. Using this old anaglyph as a reference, I adjusted every shot to approximate the original convergence. My fix:
[Image: cm7PwYhl.jpg]

Additionally, I corrected alignment, sync, and reversed eyes. Source is the Universal BD.

Available as a frame-packed 3D BD. Must provide blanks, postage, and proof of purchase.
Thanks given by: spoRv , crampedmisfit1990 , Onti , Doctor M
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
Is that Universal screenshot actually the same frame? It looks nothing like the original version. Not even the same camera angle.
Thanks given by:
It's not the same frame, but it is the same shot. Those two pics are what 3D Film Archive used.
Thanks given by: Doctor M

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