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Early 80s exploitation movie synth scores

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In the early 80s there were some excellent synth-based scores that replaced the original scores.
Shogun Assassin comes to mind.

The US version of The Beyond, 7 Doors of Death also featured an alternate score with more synths than the original score.

Would be great to hear of other synth-based scores that replaced more traditional original scores with regards to grindhouse type releases in the 80s.
Warning Sign by Craig Serfan was a basic but pretty good synth score
In 1981 Anthony Hopkins played Hitler in a tv movie called "The Bunker". I found out about it when I heard that Brad Fiedel (of "Terminator 1&2 fame) did the score. However, if you watch the end credits from the full film (it's also on youtube) the music is different than another video that shows just the credits.

Fiedel's arrangement has some very dark, creepy, Carpenter-esque vibes, while also reminding me of the music to the end of the Clint Eastwood movie "Escape From Alcatraz". I wonder if James Cameron saw it when he was scouting for a composer for The Terminator.


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