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Please delete thread
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I have the PAL version of the Universal DVD if that's any use to you (would need resampled obviously but that may not necessarily be a deal-breaker).

Incidentally, is the Criterion the theatrical cut though? is inconsistent, claims the US Criterion is 96 mins (which would be Director's Cut) and CA Criterion is 99 (theatrical). The UK StudioCanal BD is reported on box as 95 mins, is definitely the director's cut, and looks like it might be the Criterion transfer (has Criterion bonus stuff on there for example). But I don't actually know. That's actually the main reason I still have the DVD on the shelf, the theatrical cut isn't on the BD I have as far as I know.
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(2020-11-02, 11:04 PM)ac3 Wrote: If the sfx are the same on the Universal Im probsbly not gonna bother

Any particular moments that are fairly obvious I could check for you?
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(2020-11-02, 11:08 PM)ac3 Wrote: Try the car door closing in the vw scene on the cliff with m emett Walsh and Dan hedaya and the gun shots

Rough times (not exactly, just so I'm not scanning whole film)? Haven't watched in ages, been meaning to watch it with partner soon (hasn't seen it).

I might be talking about something incompatible here though because having had a quick look, you might be referring to the Universal "director's cut" DVD (are you?) but the one I have is the theatrical version, supposedly:
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