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The Seventh Seal (1957) Scandinavia DVD R2 synced to Criterion BD
The Seventh Seal (1957) Scandinavia DVD R2 [Svensk Filmindustri] synced to Criterion BD
This rare DVD have the sound better than Tartan DVD R2.
See: Bad Audio on Blu-ray review
More noise. More details. The Tartan DVD is more muffled.

[Image: max1154154673-front-cover.jpg]

[Image: 9QWkE37UXlpfhZrTIsaZHdWmooGJ1a_large.jpg]
Thanks given by: pipefan413
If you're interested, I believe I have this on LD:

It's PAL, but that just means it'd need resampled. What I'm doing with PAL discs is resampling the sync *target* to speed it up, resyncing to that, and then once I'm finished with all the edits, resampling the finished LD audio down to 24/1.001 fps equivalent in RX. That way, I'm not editing on top of a resample and avoid resampling twice.
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Excellent. I want to sync this audio
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