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Singin' in the Rain (1952) DVD mono audio synced to Blu-ray
Singin' in the Rain (1952) DVD mono audio synced to Blu-ray
Excellent sound.

More info:

[Image: s-l500.jpg]

[Image: poster_06.jpg]
Thanks given by: Stamper , The Aluminum Falcon , jolennon
Awesome! As you synced this, can you sync the french track by just placing it along? The reason is, this DVD is the only version with the songs sung in french. In subsequent releases, they reverted to the songs sung in english on the french track, revising history.
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Re the clicks you mention, I think you re-encoded the video thru handbrake (to sync it on your timeline) and let the ac3 on pass-thru.

Handbrake add clicks when you do that, for reasons I cannot fathom. Never pass-thru ac3 with handbrake.
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It's difficult.
The audio needs many adjusts.
Thanks given by:
I don't use the Handbrake.
I use Audacity
Thanks given by: Stamper
Good, probably native defaults in the track then!
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Nice! How can I download it?
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Send PM to me.
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