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First Strike (1996) Uncut (Laserdisc rip) neural network

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Hello everyone, this full version of the film is most likely not when it will not be released in full HD quality, and the DVDs that are on the network are just awful, I apparently have captured from the Hong Kong Mei Ah Laserdisc but it has Chinese and English subtitles that cannot be turned off right away. Perhaps someone has good copying from LD without such non-disabled subtitles?

I plan to make an upscale with LD 1080p using the neural networks of the Topaz program and its successful Gaia processing algorithm - CG 5
All of the LDs have burned in subs, if I'm not mistaken.

A friend is working on a composite cut using the Warner blu-ray, Japanese DVD and laserdisc. I will post about it when he is ready to upload it.

Something I didn't mention to him when he started working on it, but would your Topaz program help with upscaling the Japanese DVD? Do you think there'd be a benefit?
The LD I have in stock is of much better quality than the Japanese DVD, but I'm sure it can be restored with Topaz.

It's a pity that there is no LD without hardsub. Perhaps someone has a better quality digitization from disk, my version was taken from myspleen and the author admitted that he does not have the best equipment for digitization.
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I'll pass that info on to him, thanks.

I know he has at least one LD source, but he might just use them for the audio. Another option would be to upscale both sources using Topaz and use the DVD footage to rotoscope over the burned in subs but that would be a big undertaking combining that with the blu-ray footage.
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Unfortunately the sources for processing are of too poor quality, the Topaz algorithm cannot adequately process the quality, it turns out terrible
That's a shame. Thanks for trying!
I also tried to make Bullet 1996 with Mickey Rurk and Tupac Shakur, the results were very good, unfortunately I left for work until mid-February, when I return I can share.
(2020-11-26, 05:11 PM)maksnew Wrote: Unfortunately the sources for processing are of too poor quality, the Topaz algorithm cannot adequately process the quality, it turns out terrible
Maybe it would be better to decompose deleted scenes into separate frames and pass them through Topaz Gigapixel (not Video Enhance) frame by frame?
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The new algorithm in the new version of Topaz has processed the Japanese DVD very well, the video is completely ready, just write to me in PM if you are not here for a few days.
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