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Love Streams (1984) R2 DVD synced to Criterion Blu-ray
R2 DVD has less noise reduction and sounds better IMO. Synced to Criterion Blu-ray

PAL to NTSC done in UsEac3To

Will Criterion ever stop with their no-noise nonsense?
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I read many times that Eac3To does not know how to preserve the tone of voice and always spoils it at the output, of course this will not matter to many, but I always preferred the original and did a
hauling in Adob ‚Äč‚ÄčAudition
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Interesting! I did some comparisons back and forth and didn't hear any difference in the tone of voice. I was making sure to listen too since this was my first PAL to NTSC and I'm super sensitive to the voice issues that PAL causes. Still, I'd love to do this the best way possible. Smile

Do you happen to have a guide for Adobe Audition? I have it but have never really played around with it. I definitely want to strive for the best sound.
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