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(2020-11-22, 01:09 PM)pipefan413 Wrote:
(2020-11-22, 09:23 AM)Doctor M Wrote: Since the BD is sourced from the UK extended cut, I'm wondering if the cropping of the opening credits was because they had to swap them out for a U.S. source that said "A LOU ADLER-MICHAEL WHITE PRODUCTION" instead of the UK "A MICHAEL WHITE-LOU ADLER PRODUCTION".

Why would they need to do that? Are you saying that they did so only on the Blu-ray's "US version", or both?

It's just a guess.  I have no idea if it's true.
I figure if they brought the U.K. cut to the U.S., they may have legally needed it to say "A LOU ADLER-MICHAEL WHITE PRODUCTION", but that wouldn't have been present on the U.K. print.
The easiest (stupidest) way to fix it would be to edit in the opening credits from an existing U.S. transfer.  It could explain the cropping being present only in the opening credits; they used a different source than the rest of the movie.
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