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AnyStream released
Somebody asked over at their support forums about been able to choose which bitrate file Anystream downloads and they replied with:

"Also, if you go File > Show log messages, AS will tell you what MPD file it's using and what files it derived for downloading. You can manually download the MPD file yourself (it's just plain xml) and check that AS is picking the highest bitrate in the manifest."

Not sure if you can choose between CBR and VBR as I haven't tried the program yet but maybe one of you here can check and see if it works.

Also under requests, it says this:


79072 - ability to select "CVBR,CBR" or "CBR" bitrate - @bartinoUHD - UNDER CONSIDERATION

so even if the above suggestion doesn't work it looks like they are considering implementing it.
Thanks given by: TomArrow , Hitcher

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