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[No Longer Available] Conan The Barbarian Theatrical Cut (Project CRT #1)

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[Image: 5NY73FC.jpg]

Conan The Barbarian Theatrical Cut (Project CRT #1 v1.0)

Part of the Project CRT, for more background read here:

Originally the first release of Project CRT was suppose to be Tremors but with the remaster coming out soon, I decided to switch to doing the Conan TC.

To quickly recap, many late 90's/early 2000s HD, DVD and even LD masters have a significant red/magenta push on modern flat panels. It is assumed that this is caused by them being mastered on older CRT monitors which had a green and blue push. This project attempts to fix many of those old masters by making them look how the color technician would see them on a CRT master monitor. Not necessarily more theatrically accurate but hopefully closer to what the colorist wanted and hopefully more pleasing to the eye.

So this is the HDTV Amazon copy of the TC of Conan corrected to look how it does on my Sony BVM monitor. The original file has a DD+ 2.0 mono to which I added the LD's PCM 2.0 mono.

The Amazon rip of Conan the Barbarian color corrected on a CRT mastering monitor

1. PCM 2.0 Mono (from the widescreen LD)
2. DD+ 2.0 Mono

Final MKV
[Image: 0A9MNiQ.png]

CRT Corrected/Original
[Image: BpFCRem.jpg]
So how is this different from this one https://forum.fanres.com/thread-2745.html

More (better?) color correction?
Color corrected and slightly better picture. Slightly.
This looks like a great project. I've always wanted to see this film. Hopefully they don't take too long before doing a 4K remaster.
(2020-12-17, 10:51 AM)darksteel1335 Wrote: This looks like a great project. I've always wanted to see this film. Hopefully they don't take too long before doing a 4K remaster.

Indeed. Hopefully they do both the theatrical and extended international release....
(2020-12-17, 03:45 AM)PDB Wrote: Color corrected and slightly better picture. Slightly.

Cool Smile
Amazing movie, and great work.
Great work. I have old german DVD with theatrical cut. It would be nice to watch this movie in HD Blush

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