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Star Wars - BD vs HDTV
OK, OT should be the right place to post this kind of things, but as it's not possible for the moment to post there, and because I'm afraid to forget to do it there in the next days  Confused  I decided to post here, also because it could interest some members here...

As many of you know, SW BD quality is good, but not "outstanding" as many "outsiders" (read: out of fan restoration circles) thinks... also, many "insiders" think that HDTV versions of SW have worst quality in comparison to BD...

Well, I'm posting here three comparisons, and leave comments to you; the HDTV "mix" is, well... a mix? between two HDTV sources, one MPEG2 29.97fps 1080i, and the others from AVC 23.976fps 1080p (surely taken from 25fps 1080i); the mix+grainplate is... you know, the latter with a 35mm grain plate slapped over it...

BD Vs HDTV mix:

BD Vs HDTV mix + grainplate:

HDTV mix Vs HDTV mix + grainplate:

waiting for your thoughts!
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I'm unsure at this point. I'd like to see a special fx shot or two with this comparison.

The BD Vs HDTV mix + grainplate is pretty nice.
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Because my SW BD is still shrinkwrapped (for the moment) please point me to a png screenshot of the BD you would like to see - SW EP4 for the moment... if you could also locate the approx. time, it will be easier to (try to) spot the right HDTV frame! Wink
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You can chose whichever one you'd like .... I guess I meant more along the lines of seeing how it looks during an effects shot.

Sorry for the confusion.
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It's difficult to find many BD PNG screenshots around... found some here:

and I used the second for the comparison: BD Vs HDTV mix
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