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Green flashing in my video

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I'm having a problem with an iso file while attempting to read it with VLC media player.  The entire screen (within the video) flashes green like a strobe light.  This problem only occurs with random files every once in a while, but it occurs reliably every time I attempt to play the "affected" file.  I have another iso file that works fine, for instance.  Windows 7.

I haven't attempted any troubleshooting because I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Can someone help me figure out what's happening, please?

Are Both ISOs created the same way? Sounds a bit as if one ISO has no Video Copy Protection encryption (so works fine) wile the other one has an encrypted (copy protected) video.
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Update the graphics card drivers.
Heh... I think my circa 2012 graphics card might need upgrading! Thanks!

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