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Polar Express

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Was searching for the best possible version out there of Polar Express and noticed they're a lot of them.

Just an example of the difference I have noticed between 2D and 3D Sources


Anybody knows why on the regular Blu-ray background is out of focus on the image #3 & #4?
From what I vaguely recall of this movie having seen a DCP ages ago in theaters as a little kid when it first came out, the warmer colors of the normal blu-ray are more reflective of my memory if it means anything.

Judging the 3D master caps, I feel like the blu-ray was created from a newer master from the original digital elements, re-rendering the entire movie in a higher resolution presumably for home media and possible future-proofing as the original master was likely produced to have been at a 2K resolution at maximum probably given its age. This to me is most clear when noticing there is also a lack of grain in the 3D BD as well as sharper clarity overall at the cost of missing effects of all sorts (from camera lens effects such as blur, diffusion and flaring and other strange errors when comparing side-by-side; a sign that this re-render attempt was a botched job overall).
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]

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