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So I'm a complete dunce when it comes to these things... say I have a DOG that shows up in the corner, like this:

[Image: QfnDfO9.png]

What's the best way to get rid of it?
(2020-12-26, 03:29 PM)FrankT Wrote: What's the best way to get rid of it?

Find another recording with logo in another corner, if it exists... if not, and you can use avisynth or virtualdub, there are some plugins that could do it - result may vary, though.
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Haha no. Used delogo for VirtualDub. Once you've found your settings in VDBmod load it into avisynth, like this:

LoadVirtualDubPlugin("C:\Program Files\VirtualDubMOD\plugins\delogo.vdf", "delogo")
repairDepth = 15 # (x * 10)
repairPower = 40 # (x * 10)
delogointerlaced = 0 # 0 = False; 1 = True
pixelRatio = 0 # 1:1
delogo(1, "analysis.bmp", "deblend.bmp", "alpha.bmp", "color.bmp", "repair.bmp", repairDepth, repairPower, interlaced, pixelRatio)

For best results find a completely black frame and a completely white frame to do the analysis on (or at least completely white and completely black where the logo itself is).
That works. However it seems to leave a faint mark where the logo was. I'm not sure if that can be dealt with.
Of course it works haha! Big Grin Yes the mark left over is the compression artefacts. You can do a blur over it if you feel it's necessary. Delogo works really, really well on high bitrate stuff.
I've just realised, after rendering the delogo'd video, there's a wavery area where the logo would be all throughout the picture. Maybe I really do need another source. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find one!
I've just been experimenting with Inpaint Delogo in Avisynth, getting ok results but not perfect by any means.
So... what do I do if the logo has more than one colour? Say a black and white logo?
(2021-02-26, 05:37 PM)FrankT Wrote: So... what do I do if the logo has more than one colour? Say a black and white logo?

I would play around with Inpaint Delogo in Avisynth, try the different settings and see what the results are:


Me personally, the only reason I used this was because I was merging non logo'd footage with logo'd footage. If I wasn't doing that I'd have probably just left the logo in - the results were pretty good but you can easily tell something was there. Then again, some logos are easier to remove than others, for mine I was dealing with a very low bitrate file.
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Gosh, I have no idea how any of this Avisynth stuff works.

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