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BD / UHD Disc and Menu authoring on Mac?

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Anyone here authoring BDs and UHDs on their Mac?

Back in the mid 2000-2010s I used to create my custom DVD menus, button designs and navigation using DVD Studio Pro. Now that I'm going back into the game I'd like to apply the same level of design with BD and UHD menus. Unfortunately it seems like non of the programs this used to be achievable with are running on OSX (I'm on Mojave). I've tried using Roxio Titanium Toast 17 / MyDVD Pro, but both have extremely limited menu building templates and "holiday home video" templates with garrish colors that won't even let you change font size or color.

It seems the art of home medium menu design is lost. It must be restored!
When this disc hits 8800 RPM, you're gonna see some serious shit.
I'm working with Windows and don't know about UHD, but for BD I'm still using Encore CS6 which is also available for Mac. Unfortunately Adobe stopped developing Encore after the CS6-version and that tool is so full of bugs it can be really frustrating. But it's the best solution I've found to create Blu-rays with a custom menu.
I use blu disc studio, with the possible exception of Scenarist it's the best program you can use but it's Windows only I'm afraid.

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