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[Proposal] The Terminator [1984] Ultimate Purist Collection
(2021-01-04, 10:04 AM)Stamper Wrote: I'm checking the files this week. Regarding the U Matic version, SpoRv, I aligned it with the European master, and it clearly have problem despite the color improvements, they include all white being 100% white (which is a no-no in film titles) and blown out highlights nuked in many parts and also horrible compression clearly visible when zoomed in.

I did a blend using the BD as luma, and playing with opacity, I managed to restore most highlights, with only minor tweaks of the colors, which essentialy remains 90% the same. Skintones are also much more improved.

I will next check out the SDR2HDR and see if there something worth saving there.

(2021-01-01, 09:44 PM)Stamper Wrote: His Alien which I posted in other thread years back is also 100% the original colors (as they match the one from the book made of 35mm stills and my remembrances), including blown out whites the movie had originaly!

Is there not a chance this is also true of the highlights in THE TERMINATOR? That they did actually look like that, I mean?
Thanks given by: BDgeek
Update! Thanks to Resolve, I was able to blend the Blu-ray luma with the U-Matic chroma, thanks to Williarob for the tutorial.

Now, on to check all the current syncs, and then it's going to be syncing the remaining tracks.

Will take two nights though to get the master, one night to encode to Prores, and one to encode H264 using Handbrake.
Thanks given by: Hitcher , pipefan413

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