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[Released] Bandyta / Brute (1997)

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Hey. I want to show you my project which is finished.
I bought DVD's then I ripped video from german DVD, polish DVD and France DVD.
Below screenshots of original image:
[Image: yfNmAN1.png]
[Image: BbHLPm8.png]
[Image: w0JKXUz.png]

Here is what I done:
-aspect ratio changed to 1.85:1 from 4:3
-60% dynamic scenes were upscaled by Topaz gigapixel AI, others less important upscaled using lanczos
-fully montage of france, german and polish edition (german one is different in montage so i had to put together) the same with audio
-color correction (the hardest was with france edition because it was completly 'orange')
-i removed the most visible damages of images (for example "black circles" -marks of the end of the acts)
and it looks like that
[Image: ZKTSb40.png]
[Image: wR9X41Y.png]
compare to france:
[Image: 36LKCGf.png]
after my remastering
[Image: 4dNkkvr.png]

In release is:
720p ai upscaled and edited video
2 audio: mastered to 5.1 640 kb/s original audio and 2.0 DD with polish reader
subtitles: polish (+ addon for reader)

Something what you can find on YT is not finished, just an project, also too much compressed by YT).
Dziękuję bardzo!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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